Gamer review Rigonauts 9/10

Rigonauts review
I certainly love games with rag doll physics, so entertaining to see all the pieces flying around, well here’s a game that show’s that to the best. Rigonauts an indie game where you can build your own land ship and defeat other land ships, this game will make you think.
I was searching around the steam store for a game buy, I don’t buy much indie games, but this one was calling out to me. Rigonauts is an epic game of where you build and customize your own ship to defeat the enemy’s, seems simple right? Wrong, the game is very complex, I find building your ship very similar to constructing a bridge! One mistake and couple hits from the other ship’s guns and your mast will come towering down. This game will make you think, cry, and smash your computer every level.
The story of Rigonauts is a small one. Basically you we’re slaves on an island (keep in mind these are little green people), 2 friends built a ship and left the island to form there own nation, they found a little nice island to call there’s. They wanted to keep the ship they took to get away from there slavers (The weird skeleton people) so they added wheels and explored the island. They thought they we’re safe on the island from any sort of danger, they we’re wrong, the slave owners grew angry and sent there best men to find them and destroy them. The little dudes had to do something fast, so they constructed there ship to be a battle machine, with cannons, machine guns, flame throwers, and a bunch other good gizmos and gadgets. They we’re ready to fight off the slavers, and you being one of the captains of a land ship must built your ship to adapt to the ever changing tactics of the enemy.
Rigonauts has a sorta rag doll extreme physics which makes the building game play (and destroying) great. There’s 111 levels in the game, each level is harder then the other and as I said before it makes you think. You must think “Should i have a cannon or machine gun? Or maybe no cannon and machine gun and purchase a wall to defend my hull” all these questions determinate the outcome of the battle. I would say trying to get 2 stars each level is quite the challenge, but I aim for the stars!…in the case the enemy hull but you get my point. The game was built to be a challenge, it was created so that you would have to adapt to the present situation, you can’t just add that and that, you must design it, test it, and then redesign it and then test it! Much like a product that a company is creating, and once you’ve thought you created the perfect machine you’re ready to take on the enemy. I’d like to point out that you can’t free build or free-p lay or duel your friends (Which would be cool if you could) there’s only levels which does get a bit boring after a while.
The graphics of the game uses rag doll physics and an entertaining background. Overall it is a combination of 3D and 2D. The attack graphics look very nice as well, so does the structures and your hull. Although not the best of the best, but it sure it great for a indie game such as this one.
I love the music of this game, it’s a pirate/battle theme. I don’t know the official soundtrack, but it does sound awesome. It gives the feeling of be a hero back then when pirates stalked the sea, and the battle give’s you the rush to march into a fight with no regret or fear (That come’s along later, including crying and anger}.
This game is what indie games are about, a nice, cool and awesome game play which you can play for hours. The story is entertaining, and exciting and leaves a lot of mystery. Take my advice if you are a fan of indie games and games that will make you think get this game now at steam for only $9.99!

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