Free ‘Bubble’ Games Continue To Have an Enduring Appeal

Free bubble games

Those cutesy characters, Bub and Bob, have left an indelible mark on the arcade game industry. From their first appearance in the 1986 game, Bubble Bobble, a host of sequels and copycat variants have been produced.

Free bubble games, available through quality gaming portals, are testament to the format’s enduring appeal.

Indeed, the premise of the game is delightfully simple. Players are tasked with removing (popping) the balls (bubbles) from the screen.

This is achieved by firing balls at the identically coloured ones already placed in the pre-arranged rectangle pattern at the top of the screen.

When three or more balls of the same colour are matched they are then removed. All of this takes place in a race against the clock with the balls on a rapid descent. Once the ‘ceiling’ crosses the bottom line, its game over.

Since emerging from Japan nearly three decades ago, the bubble game has enjoyed a successful evolution. Its variants have contained enough of their own distinctive traits while retaining the format’s addictive playability.

Bubble Bobble

Mixing it up

‘Bubble Bobble’, ‘Puzzle Bobble’ and ‘Bubble Shooter’: call the games what you like. The bubble platform has proved to be a global phenomenon. And online developers are paying their own homage.

Gaming portals are hosting an increasing array of free bubble games. They’re all loosely based on the original titles yet contain their own unique quirks.

From revival editions to novelty numbers, there’s plenty out there to keep everyone entertained. And whether you’re firing balls or darts, aiming for that three-in-a-row is still all-important.

But everyone likes something a little different, don’t they? Developers have been mixing it up and changing the genre. However, which creations will appeal to you?

Puzzle Bobble
Puzzle Bobble

Something for Everyone

Animals are cute. And they can certainly enhance the marketability of a computer game. That goes without saying, hence the inclusion of the lizard-like creatures in the original bubble incarnation.

Of course, you don’t have to look too far into the gaming annuls to find successful franchises that have featured animal characters.

In addition to Bub and Bob, a selection of creatures has joined the bubble party. Monkeys, fish, bears, cats and even bugs have all become part of the games’ repertoire.

Including animals is all well and good. But we want to be motivated to go along with a wacky offshoot. Helping turtles search for fish and cheeky chimps look for sweets are simple enough storylines to follow.

Still, there are plenty of other variants available that keep the ‘cute factor’ while ditching our furry friends.

puzzle bobble universe

Food is a dominant subject in many versions. Collecting virtual cookies has perhaps never been so much fun.

Also, let’s not forget the more intricate creations. Saving the world and vanquishing the invaders from outer space is not something to be taken lightly.

Essentially, the developers of free bubble games know that they have to keep on devising multiple variants. Offering something for everyone has been the cornerstone of the genre’s success. And as long as new editions retain addictive gameplay and include their own twist, the successful evolution will continue.

Bubble Shooter

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