FIFA 13 Review PS3

FIFA 13 Review PS3

The true spirit of football is back as EA sports’ latest title FIFA ’13 rolled out to recreate the same sensation of a real football game. Electronic Arts’ FIFA ’13 released as the 25th title of the Association of Football and is available for the consoles and the PCs. So, let’s check out what this season of EA’s football title has to offer.

The Game Play:

For those of you who are into a misconception that FIFA ’13 is just another football title with revamped graphics and commentaries, sorry to say, but you are wrong! The game (play) features a very vital factor, which it was lacking till now, which is – Unpredictability. Uncertainty or unpredictability, the primary essence of football that makes us go awww.. and ooh.. over the game has been brilliantly infused into this title. The game requires the players themselves to predict and gain dominance over the ball, which directly means no more automatic mid-air ball possessions and cover-up pass possessions. Every single action in the game has to be manually done by the player. So, if they don’t have the necessary skills, all they can do is just regret over the escalating opponent score.

But, the point where the game strikes the winning point is in its ability to balance both the aspects. A game too difficult will automatically reduce the players’ interest over it. But, FIFA ’13 seamlessly manages to balance both. Though the game may be redundant and frustrating over the first few matches, it gradually teaches you how to play and how to conquer the field. So, this balancing act by EA Sports is truly commendable and welcomed.

Also, the game features a significant innovation in terms of its game play. The attacking options, for instance have been focused on this title, where the players can have a better control and possession over the ball. The freedom in dribbling mechanics allows the players to forge past their opponents with precision, simultaneously retaining the originality of a football game. The game doesn’t seem dramatic, but on the contrary showcases the physics of an authentic football game.

On the whole, the game play has been given some serious augment. The game is now more open and real with some added enhancements like the players (with artificial intelligence engine) giving the gamers an auto-cover up during passes and run offs. Also, the team members now come out to the field with the ability to sneak-in between the defenders and cry out loud for a pass. The bruises and crashes amidst players have also been given a raise, where the players can collide with their opponents while receiving their ball or during a dribble. Commendable recreation!

FIFA 13 Review


To be honest, the graphics part of the FIFA ’13 title has been just given a mild consideration with no remarkable enhancements made from the predecessor title. Visually, the game looks so FIFA ’12ish and does not make an impact as its game play feature does. However, the game has some newly included animations that just act as a catalyst to bring out the liveliness of the game. For instance, the players sliding ahead of the ball to keep them within the line and true-to-life character reactions during injuries, collisions and bookings. All these make the game more enjoyable and seem genuine.

Added Features:

Apart from the regular game modes, FIFA ’13 has a newly included mode that allows the players to take up a skill based challenge. Right from passing, dribbling and shooting, the mode includes every attack and defensive aspects of a football sport. In this mode, the players can take up a challenge and win gold, silver and bronze rewards for every successful completion. It is not a tutorial sort of a feature, but rather a level to harness and master over the basic key skill required to play the game.


The PS3 Factor:

Gaming using a hand-held motion controlled device is fun, but in this case, it is a bit dull! The PlayStation move fails to create that impact a FIFA title is capable of and often makes you switch to the controller. The Move apparatus can be used by the players to navigate the players and specify a spot on the screen for the players to reach. Also, they can shoot and dribble across the opponents using their wand. But, the overall effect – dull!

The Judgment Time:

The game has all the necessary features and elements to turn a football title into an addictive gaming venture. The refined innovations and inclusions in the game play are all signs of success. The game truly recreates the magic of a Live FIFA on your screens, despite offering the fun of a video game. With some amazing and uncertain game play features and on-field attacking tactics, the game makes it to one of the must have titles of the year. So, go for it!


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