Top 5 Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

female video game characters

Video games are no stranger to sexy female characters. But the ones on this list are more than just hot. They’re the sexiest of all time!

Number 5 – Samus Aran – Metroid Prime Series

Samus Aran

Sure she’s covered up in armor most of the time. But when the armor comes off, revealing her blue “Zero Suit”, you’ll see exactly why Samus Aran is on this list.

She can be seen in it in Super Smash Bros Brawl. To gain access to it, you must activate her final smash ability. But trust me, once you activate it, you’ll be smashing in style!


Number 4 – Bayonetta


While Bayonetta is relatively new to the scene, she’s definitely one of the sexiest characters out there.

Bayonetta is a futuristic witch that has shape-shifting abilities, wields huge pistols (if you know what I mean) and wears a remarkably sexy outfit. She can also perform devastating attacks with her hair!

With a seductive stare, amazing looks, and magical powers, she’s definitely earned her spot.


Number 3 – Cortana – The Halo Series


Even though Cortana isn’t technically real, her wit and gorgeous body are why she’s here.

Cortana’s best role was in Halo 3. She had a big part in the story (which meant quite a few drool worthy close up shots!). She also appeared in Halo 1 and Halo 2 but was absent in Halo Reach. Halo’s hottie is expected to return to the series in Halo 4.


Number 2 – Faith – Mirror’s Edge


What makes Faith sexy isn’t her outfit (woah, mega shocker!). It’s the fact that she’s a such hot badass!

Faith is a messenger for a resistance movement in a futuristic city. Playing as a messenger might sound boring but, in Faith’s case, it’s quite the opposite.

She is a master of parkour, stealth and martial arts. In fact, her skills are so good that I wouldn’t be surprised to see her kicking the asses of many action heroes!


Number 1 – Chun Li – Street Fighter Series

Chun Li

When it comes to curves, kicks, flips and personality, Chun Li from Street Fighter has it all!

The main staples of her outfit are her white combat boots and large spiked bracelets on her wrists (and that’s not all that’s large!). She also wears tight blue top.

Chun Li is most famous for her extremely muscular legs. If you’re looking at her and thinking she’s all looks, think again. Because her kicks can send the most macho fighters running home crying!

Besides the Street Fighter series, Chun Li can be found, in all her gorgeous glory, as a playable character in the Marvel vs Capcom games and Street Fighter X Tekken games.

This look at the sexiest video game characters was just a taste of Forest Byrd’s writing. He blogs on a regular basis about gaming news and helps gamers get better at the games they love. You can find him on twitter @TC9700Gaming.

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