Elder scrolls online announced

By now you’ve must have heard the news that Bethesda studios have announced that they are working on a elder scrolls MMO. Fan’s have asked for a MMO for Fallout 3 for a while now, and since Skyrims release people have been wondering if a elder scrolls MMO is in order. Well sorry Fallout fans make way for a elder scrolls MMO.

Not much is known about it yet, the only screen shot was removed so not much is known expect it is set 1,000 years before the events of skyrim and that it may take please in morrowind. Bethesda put out an announcement video yesterday.

Details have flood the forums, here are some.

* The main villain of the story is the King of Worms, Mannimarco who plans to take control over the mortal realm together with the Daedric prince of domination, Molang Bal

*There are 9 races that the player can pick, each one of the races belong to an alliance, in total there are 3 alliances

*Random events play a large part in the day to day game play

*The in-game world will feature the entire environments from Skyrim to Morrowind, however the map will not be entirely open for exploration, as certain areas are planned to be used for future expansions. Cyrodiil will make for the main capital of the raging war, where players can engage in endgame PvP

*Pvp is a large part of the game, it is versus alliances


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