Diablo 3’s Not Looking Good At Metacritic User Scores

Seriously. WTF??

It seems like Diablo 3’s scores from the Metacritic Community is now at 3.4, meaning Generally unfavorable and based on 1668 Ratings. And it happened that I gave Diablo 3 a high score of 9/10 because I didn’t had lag when I first tried out Diablo 3 because it was running with no lag and the ping looks fine, running well and kind of optimized. and then on the next day, I saw the unexpected, people are rating Diablo 3 a low score because of Internet/Server problems from Blizzard.

Now that statement really started the problem. It’s post release! POST RELEASE do intend to have problems, especially to Diablo 3, where millions of people pre-ordered and bought the game. Days or Weeks are needed to optimize Blizzards servers in order to make the experience in good condition and problem free, Now, the main problem here comes to Blizzard, and to the community.

First off, Blizzard’s problem with this is, they even didn’t add a Single Player Offline Mode to Diablo 3.  And they sure do know millions have pre-ordered the game and they didn’t even acted on how the servers will be optimized.

I’m guessing in the next coming patches they will add the Offline Mode that everyone’s asking for, But it’s too late now.

Secondly, the community, I don’t know if their Internet Connection is Bad or just plain stupid. It’s POST RELEASE! As I have said, Post releases to online games may tend to have a lot of major problems. Now people are starting to give Diablo 3 a 0/10 or 1-2/10 because of that, That’s why Metacritic should open their User Reviews days or weeks after a games release. They know patches will come, quick hotfixes and other tweaks Blizzard will whip up for Diablo 3. Pure, Stupidity.

Diablo 3 is a solid game, we all be needing to wait for quick fixes and updates that Blizzard will release this coming days to enjoy Diablo 3.

My review of Diablo 3 so you can know more about Diablo 3 and my final verdict.

What are your thoughts about Blizzard not incorporating the “Single Player mode” and the low score that the Metacritic community gave for D3?

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  1. Blizzard is doing everything to leave the game untouched by pirates…of course players are angry and will rage on it just for this…here is one example “Huge letdown for Diablo series fans. It’s just Diablo clone with the original trademark “…i mean really?…they went as afar to call a Diablo game a clone of a Diablo game…sigh…read on the majority of the user reviews on Metacritic and you will have players pissed of because they can’t play offline.

    On the other hand there are some fair points such as the graphics that are not what everyone expected…because a game is always better in your head before getting your hands on it…I suppose is the same with Duke Nukem Forver…a lot of hype over the years but it never really live up to its name now did it? Not to mention this game had TONS of “free” marketing from Yogscast,Total Biscuit etc…

    So yeah people are pissed because its not what they imagined it would be.

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