Its time to save the world.. again – Diablo 3 Review!

Diablo 3 Review Heroes of Sanctuary, It’s time to gear up and save the world once more.

Diablo 3.. currently speechless for this game. I, myself is introduced late to the series back on late 2011 where I tried out Diablo 2 in my bud’s house. I really enjoyed it and days later, heard about Diablo 3’s release the next coming year. Now that I got the game, I could say that it is wonderful and quite addicting while at It. Diablo 3, including its first and second games, is an action Role-playing game which involves a lot of clicking and tones of looting time. This is considered as an Hack N’ Slash because you are spinning/casting/fighting your way into thousands of demons with your favored class in the world that Blizzard made for the Diablo series.

We witnessed a lot of development cycles for this game, starting ahead from the early 2000’s where the Team Lead of Blizzard North, the makers of the game quits the job, so as the other crew members at Blizz North. If that wasn’t enough  Blizzard Entertainment is struggling to make sequels of their magnificent games, mainly Starcraft and Diablo because of the game, “World of Warcraft.” Can Diablo 3 mimic the disappointment that Duke Nukem: Forever did while having a HUGE development cycle of 12 years? Or does Diablo 3 will make it to its promises to deliver quality entertainment just like the other 2 Diablo games gave us. Get ready chaps and lads, for you might lose your social life because of Diablo 3!

The Lesser Evils, and YOU!

I can’t give a simplified context about the story, but I do know this, The story revolves around the Archangel Tyrael together with the two surviving Lesser Evils named Azmodan and Belial. They were left behind 20 years ago because of the failed invasion at Sanctuary. Act II will revolve around the story of the two Lesser Evils due to the fact that Act II will focus more about Belial. And who will ever make a Diablo game without the star himself! Diablo! He has been confirmed before the launch so I’m expecting him revolving around at Act V or IV??

Diablo 3 will end what Diablo 1 started. But that doesn’t mean that the Diablo series won’t going to get new games in the future, It has been confirmed that Blizzard gone through making new storylines and will be set to future game. Blizzard’s Chris Metzen knows where the game will go on after the third game.

The Heroes Showoff!

In Diablo 3, there are Five available classes to choose from, Including the Star Class of the whole franchise, Barbarian together with the Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard and the Witch Doctor. All of them have different skills and gameplay mechanics so choosing the right hero for you can get tough before starting your “saving the world montage” but, try testing the five classes and see what class you prefer to use while “saving the world.”

Of course, In Blizzard fashion, all of them has their own backstories, which something that I adore to this game. Blizzard really nailed to introduce the classes with all the information you’ll going to need. I really understand the minute that I played the Barbarians backstory, they are one of the native folk in the world of Sanctuary, and you’ve guessed it, Demons have overunned their home territory of Arreat. I really felt the story and really got the information that I want to know about the classes. If you want to know their stories, go buy the game and check it out for yourself! Don’t YouTube it, it’s a big spoiler man.

Followers are back! And they are not Henchmen anymore! They are now dedicated followers of your adventures in the world. They have their own specific skills, and exclusive items for them. You can get the three followers but you can’t travel with them simultaneously. You can pick one from the three to travel with you. And then change your current follower to the other follower that you want to join with you during the hard times of Sanctuary.

Gameplay scmarplay, Its all about Hacking n’ Slashing and Looting!

If you are a long Diablo player, then you must already know how to play Diablo, forget the storyline and the other cheesyness that Blizzard gave you and stick to the Action! Level up your characters to the max level possible, get awesome loot to make your character the badass you want, kill the demons who threaten the peace on the world of Sanctuary, play with other people and conquer the demons or Face to Face with each other to bloodfest combat. It’s all in here in Diablo 3.

Blizzard only did something about this game that made me sad and furious at first when I heard about the announcement that Diablo 3 will be a Multiplayer Based game! even on Singleplayer the Multiplayer components still exists! I think they made this for the anti-piracy bit that games these days were experiencing or just integrating the auction house to the singleplayr experience. I don’t know what’s the real reason behind this but, It’s a bad one to say at least.

Apart from this game added Broadband Connection to It’s requirements, Blizzard made some changes also to the formula of Diablo 2 and 1. The entire quest system has been revamped, Yes, revamped! With the base Act missions, you will be also getting random generated quests and class-specific quests while at it. So that means Diablo 3 became a more looting monster than its brothers.  When you enter a dungeon a short quest line will be introduced to you and you must complete it for bonus XP or gold.

The hero/es of Diablo 3 can also explore the whole Sanctuary from top to bottom, The environment has left unchanged since 20 years after the events of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. And it looked more like a Sacred game rather than a Diablo game (sarcastic face.) All are still randomized, you can save and quit and reload again to reload bosses so you can farm them, but the random generator content device software thingy has gone through a lot of refurbishing so the experience will be new to Diablo experts.

Now that Diablo 3 has incorporated it’s life with the Havok Physics engine, You can now break stuff! Like walls where you might surprise enemies with the Barb skill Seismic Slam, even your enemies use the environments so they can say, “Taste your own medicine man!” However Blizzard atleast made the whole environment destructible, they might come in handy into tactics or just plain play badass.

Potions left unused for the whole game as monsters drop Health Globes that you may use and get so you can get Health on the run. Mana globes are also the same with Health Globes distribution.

Story progression-wise, Acts from Diablo 2 still remains in Diablo 3. Each having same lengths as the second game. However there are slight differences from D2 and D3 in case of the waypoints, the waypoint system has been revamped, Checkpoints allow characters that have died to return to the fray quickly, without going through the hassle of returning from town, as was the case in Diablo II.

The Adventure of The Friends!

Multiplayer has been the quite most controversial thing about Diablo 3, since that Blizzard made the game needed the support of the Broadband Connection. But the Multiplayer, i think, is the main aspect of the game rather than its Singleplayer experience, Same case as Diablo 2. But lets see what’s included in the mode of Diablo 3!

In Co-Op, You may never see one player’s drop. So you can’t steal items that other players worked hard from killing a monster. No thievery guys, but there is also Trading into the mix. Sorta ala Team Fortress 2 trading. I still didn’t tried the trading system in Diablo 3. Co-Op still sticks to its roots with it’s “Drop-in, Drop-out function”

Other than Co-Op, there is also the mode that opposes Co-Op, The Player-versus-Player mode! Blizzard made the “Battle Arenas” only for the PvP component. However, the mode is still not yet available on release, So I didn’t had the opportunity to check out how competing in Diablo 3 works.


In case of Diablo 3, I loved the game, however, It didn’t catches the difficult level that Diablo 2 had, Somehow Blizzard made the game easier than the unusual level so that new comers might get the hang out of Diablo 3 more easily. Diablo 2 seemed easy to me at first. Even though Blizzard announced that they will be adding a new difficulty setting which is Inferno Mode, I don’t think it will help make the game more harder because of the Health Globes, The new waypoint system and the game fatalities, You may never experience what Diablo 2 given you in the first place.

HOWEVER, The game is still a masterpiece despite the dumbing down of the game. It really sticked to the core gameplay elements of the Diablo series, The Co-Op system really works now and, I know, you want to kill Diablo once more so you bought the game, sheesh you can just replay Act IV again and again, But that’s another story.

Bottomline: Diablo 3 gets my recommendation badge. And the game is a must buy for those who is a:

  • Loot Whores
  • Diablo fanboys
  • Hack N’ Slash warriors
  • and Blizzard Loyalists.

Dont get me wrong, I loved the game so much. But the dumbing down of It really let me down for this. So the game gets a final score for me a:

9/10! – Diabolicly Fun!


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