Diablo 2 Review

In anticipation for Diablo 3, I will going to make a so called “Diablo Week” where I will post my Diablo related reviews. Including some of the famous Diablo clone reviews coming in the next five days. For now, I will start the diablo-filled week with the game that made Diablo open for mutliplayer players back then. And that’s Diablo 2, a personal favorite. Now, glorious Diablo fans, Lets start!

Diablo 2 is a sequel from the legendary classic “Diablo” and made by Blizzard North, when they are still alive and glorious In Blizzard Entertainment, the game features a great multiplayer component called “battle.net” it boasts up into 8 co-operative play or 8 player deathmatch with their own hard-worked characters. The single-player experience is still in there, rich in story and context, but clearly it got overshadowed by the online component of Diablo 2. For now, lets get started to the main aspect of the review, the four components that I will tackling. Story, Graphics, Gameplay and Verdict. Lets start first with the story,


Diablo 2’s story is categorized in Four Acts, (add the Fifth Act if your’e adding it’s expansion, “Lord of Destruction.”) and has a boss at the final quest of an act. The story flows like this, so you defeated Diablo on a treacherous battle below the ground of Tristam. In there you have defeated Diablo on the first game and removed his soulstone on his forehead. And then you want to contain the soul within you, In minutes, you became Ill fated and the evil demonic spirit consumed you. That’s the story of Diablo, How about in the sequel? Well, Deckard Cain recounts the story to a group of adventures who are passing by the Rouge Encampment, one of the members of the adventurers is the corrupted warrior, now known as “The Dark Wanderer.” And then, you arrived. A *class name* who has nothing and set out to a quest that may change the world of Sanctuary. In the Four/Five acts you will be crossing to, You will be finding yourself killing of two lesser evils (In the first two acts) and the three stooges.. err, I mean the three prime evils (Mephisto, Diablo and Baal if you included the expansion.) You charge on them with your powered character and kill them. And then you get a great CGI from Blizzard explaining the story out. The story isn’t the power that is running Diablo 2, but it’s good enough to give a backround to the world of Sanctuary. Not only you going in a certain place and clean that out with your character.


Graphical wise, It is an old game, I know. But it doesn’t mean that the graphics and effects are not there.. well, texture-wise, It’s ruined. don’t bother playing this on a super PC which has alot of power. It will just make the textures look bland, to me, the texture seems fine running at my old laptop, but when I tried this out on my friend’s PC which has alot of power, Textures are popping out, too much contrast even if the contrast meter is at a balanced setting and random white stuff here and there.. If you are annoyed by those stuff and you happen to got a real powerful PC, wait for Diablo 3 to come out. And then all thats left on graphics is the effects, Is the effects any good? Yes! the effects looks great on Diablo 2, especially when you are playing an a Sorceress where the effects are shaping up, Throw a Ice Nova out and love the effects it splashes out. For an old game, Its an eye candy that sure’s to freeze your eyes on the epic fx it splashes out.


Gameplay in Diablo 2 stands out from the rest of the features I’ve said above, It is the heart of the game, Where the modern Dungeon-Crawlers find sources to improve their game, and that is Diablo 2’s gameplay. It is dramatically improved since Diablo, you can now map shortcuts, everything has been improved around Diablo’s time and it has been refined to the polish level that Blizzard will induct to their games after Diablo 2. How about the combat? It is fun when you are killing hordes of Skeletons and Minions here and there. But in the Single Player mode, you may think that Combat might get too much over repetitive, as the main attraction for controls in the game is the LMB and RMB. Where you can map one button for Normal Attack and one button for Spells/Passives. Thats it, you just slay tones of enemies from stages, where it will get harder and harder as you progress. Get loot and finish a quest, rinse and repeat. But, surprisingly when you get used to it, You may cross to the repetitive road or the addiction road, Now I crossed the addiction road here. The combat here is somewhat the best feature of the game, Not only you get great loot on the way, As you slaughter your enemies and progress more, It can get quite addicting where you may find yourself not showing that much often to  your loved ones. Yes, thats true. There are many interesting stuff you can get, More stat points to increase, More skill points to sell, More gold to store and More to kill. This game genre is the only genre that got Repetition done right.

I’m not even done yet, There is Multiplayer. The most respected and coolest mode in Diablo 2, You can create your character on one particular server or, if the server allows this, Use your character from your singleplayer game. You will find yourself playing the whole campaign with your friends. Or, do what I do often, Kill them with my Overpowered Barbarian! That’s called PVP. It is one of the best modes if you are looking for a challenge and competition.


Diablo 2, especially with its expansion pack, Is a great experience, judging from the fact that I only need to finish the Druid so I can complete my Diablo with 100% completion, thats how addictive this game is, So as the forthcoming games that dreamt to become Diablo. This game series deserves the Recommended game badge! Because its just a fun experience ruining the prime evils lives while you torture them in every act.

The Diablo Week has been started. Get ready for the release of Diablo 3!

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