Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7

crisis core

Now I really don’t like Final Fantasy 7 so I was bit sceptical when Crisis Core was released but I decided to give it a go, because you know what the hell it’s only going to take a few hours out of my life to get a taste for it.

I first watched my ex play it and then started to get into the storyline. I started my own game and instantly fell in love with just about everything the game had to offer. I loved the graphics they stood out a mile to me with them being on a PSP, I enjoyed watching the FMV sequences and they weren’t that long either. Something which can fail a game is the length of fmv sequences, Square Enix got it just right this time. There is detail in practically every scene of the game, which makes the surroundings that bit more realistic to gamers.

The gameplay I really like as it is similar to the likes of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 12, meaning it isn’t exactly turn based. When you want to attack you press that x button and attack, you decide when you want Zack to use an item or magic. Materia makes a return as well as the summons but not in the same sense, you now have a DMW reels which at certain points give you the option to perform some amazing attacks.  If you get all three of the same heads be it Sephiroth or Cloud you perform an attack, but if you don’t get them all you can level up your materia. This I thought was a nice touch as to level up Zack you need to get lucky 7’s, a very nice add on I must say Square Enix. Each important person you meet in the storyline is added to this DMW reel and holds a different attack or healing magic.

The game is fast paced and has side quests that consist of Soldier missions you can take on which are optional of course. If you aren’t prepared properly some of the boss fights can be hard, equip the right armour and materia and you’re set. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who hasn’t played FF7 and to those who have, it makes up for a great prequel but if you have played FF7 you will know how this game ends and I will not ruin it for those who haven’t played. All I will say is get your tissues out.

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