Corpse Party: Mini Heart Attacks Galore

corpse party

This was a random game bought from the Playstation Store earlier this year, I’m a bit late to the party I admit (ha party get it?). Ok that was a pretty bad joke but Corpse Party is a one in a million PSP game and of course it’s thanks to the Japanese we have been graced with this lovely little PSP addition. I will admit that an interest in anime and the horror genre swayed me towards buying this game, but having a quick look on YouTube at the game play convinced my to part with my hard earned money. It didn’t take long to download. Not on my connection anyway but even if it does take a while it is still worth the wait. The basic plot revolves around the Heavenly Host Elementary School which is abandoned and reportedly demolished, but the school plays host to vengeful spirits. The back story is that after a few unfortunate incidents four students were kidnapped and murdered, this all happened 30 years previous to where the new school stands today. One night a group of teenage friends one of whom who loves to tell ghost stories accidently invokes an ancient charm which serves as in invitation to another space and wouldn’t you know it they end up at Heavenly Host Elementary.

Corpse Party’s opening sequence sets the entire mood for the game, there are no FMV scenes per say. The game plays in a 16 bit format while you explore the areas in 2D, in certain parts of the game some very beautiful art stills are used to emphasise the experience. For me that was much more scary than any modern graphics we have. I think it’s the waiting for something to happen because you know something will, I mean come on this is a Japanese horror and we all know what they are like. Well those who play and watch horror anime do. It’s also the fact that since the characters are young students I believe they range from 14 years old to 17 excluding their teacher, you don’t use any weapons to defend yourself. You are like a big squishy pod just ripe to be prodded and bitten at, Amnesia used the same premise. The aim of the game is find a way out of this hell hole and to try and survive along with your friends who you have been separated from. The school is yours to explore with some areas locked off which requires you to find a key or some other way to get access. Though each action you do may contribute to how the ending can go.

The music that accompanies the game is absolutely perfect, it sets the mood for each part and scene. The majority of the time the music set my heart racing before anything had even happened. The theme that is used when you are waking around the school just exploring is fairly upbeat and quite catchy which is great for catching you off guard when something jumps out at you and tries to kill you!

Now the game play is pretty simple, you walk from one place to the next and interact with objects and people. That’s it. There is no levelling up and there is no setting equipment or weapons ready to do battle. It’s just you. Alone. In a dark abandoned school looking for your friends. When suddenly there is the sound of a child giggling behind you..

Ok I will stop but seriously if you like your horror and anime this is one for your PSP, and even if you want to try and get into that sort of genre give it a go. Try and find a demo first or watch the game play on YouTube to give yourself a feel for how it plays out. Either way this game will probably scar you and like me refuse to touch the game for some time.


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