Company of Heroes 2 Announced And Information!

After six years of putting the WW2 genre to the map of the RTS world. Relic Entertainment has finally announced that the long-awaited sequel to one of the greatest RTS games out now, which is “Company of Heroes” will getting it’s second chance at warfare for the dominant RTS out there in the vast land of the Video Game wars. Prepare for war soldier! For Company of Heroes 2 will arrive and will try to set the final nail for the dominant RTS game in the Video Game wars!

After six years since Relic Entertainment made the award winning game of Company of Heroes, they finally announced their sequel for the WW2 RTS game. Scans from the UK PC Gamer magazine arrive days earlier. Company of Heroes 2 will land on the beaches of THQ soon.

Company of Heroes 2 will stick to the Eastern Theater of World War 2, while retaining the gameplay elements that Company of Heroes 1 had. The story follows with a war correspondent’s reports on the battle situations held on the war. With keeping in touch with the setting, Relic will also incorporate snow in the mix with the gameplay. Infantry will slow down while battling their way to charge in the snowy drifts, the opposite of that is the Infantry can walk with ease with the heavy tracks that a war tank has set in the snow. Relic also introduced a gameplay mechanic called “True Sight” in which you can only see what the soldiers can see, You may never know who is on the next building, You may never see enemy troops beyond the smoke grenades that your enemies has set and even beyond the treelines. You can also direct where the flamers will point out where to shoot the flames, an example would go like this, You want to burn a farmhouse, you must point in there in order for your flamer squad to burst the farmhouse in flames, when it is set on fire, you can see that the snow in the roof melts and after a few moments, the farmhouse collapse, leaving the people within it scrambling in fear and running away to the burnt farmhouse. And the best of all the features that Relic said to the reddit community? “Company of Heroes 2 isn’t about different, and it’s about new, and it’s about more.” 

“We want more authenticity, we want more realism, we want more tactical improvements” Relic entertainment says with passion.

If you want to know more about the sequel to Company of Heroes, wait and check out the June 2012 Edition of UK PC Gamer Magazine.

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