Retailers Ordered To Stop Selling Diablo 3 In The Philippines

Total.. facepalm!

Diablo 3 released worldwide last Tuesday, and one week after it’s release, Diablo 3 became a beholder of controversies, just like the post release Error 37 issue where you can’t login in Blizzard’s servers. The so, so low scores that the community over at Metacritic gave for the game, while the critic scores range from the 80’s to the 90’s even a perfect 100. And then.. the issue that arose here in my country. Banning Diablo 3 to be sold to Filipino Citizens.

At first, my friend told me via Facebook Chat that Diablo 3 stopped selling in a local gaming store, I laughed all around saying, “No way!” but then when I dig out for more information about this, I stumbled upon on a article that explains that our local church group known as “Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)” has granted a temporary restraining order by the supreme court after the church group states the game to be inhuman and anti-Christian.

This Honorable Court hereby grants the petitioner, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines a temporary restraining order against the selling of the PC game Diablo III, hereby known as the respondent, to the Filipino people, effective immediately until an indefinite time or upon the court’s lifting of the said order.

Retailers shall be prohibited from selling, renting the respondent whether physically or through online transactions. Violators who are caught or proven to defy the TRO shall be meted with a punishment (smiting or excommunication) to be determined by the petitioner and their God.

Citizens who has already bought and played the respondent are ordered to cease and desist such unholy activity immediately to be able to be saved by the petitioner and their God.

The “Gaming Priest” advised Gamers in the Philippines to refrain from playing the game. He states that  “The title alone says it all,” and “And with playable characters such as the witch doctor and the wizard, the game is certainly not God friendly.”

He also suggested that gamers would come to a local church, with their copy of Diablo 3 to be burnt down by a CBCP executive. Gamers has also the option to repent their “sin” for playing such game, quote “before it’s too late” says the priest.

The religious group also suggested that Filipino Citizens to turn around mature games into casual ones, per say the ever popular underground hit here in the Philippines “Tetris Battle” on Facebook, Fight Night games, and even also The Sims.

Gamers (including me), however, got enraged about the news of the church group issued an TRO at Diablo 3’s name. One gamer, who bought the limited edition of Diablo 3 for PHP 8,000 was enraged on the supposed to be outcome of his disc. “I bought this with my hard earned money, and all that they’d do is burn it for the sake of pleasing God?!”

E-Games Venture Inc., the publishing arm of Blizzard Entertainment here in the Philippines has yet to issue a comment on the TRO as they have yet to receive a copy of the court order.

One Senator also promised to investigate the inner depths of the game and it’s demonic influences. “We will work on this on Monday, before the Chief Justice takes the witness stand on Tuesday” said Sotto.

..ugh, *facepalm*



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  1. guess they want a game name JESUS so we can kick jesus ass and kill him .. i think thats what the bishops and priests wants … 😀

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