Can Resident Evil 6 offer the expected thrill?

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6, also known as Biohazard 6 (in Japan) is expected to be released on the 2nd of October for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and at an unannounced later date for Microsoft Windows. The Resident Evil series, created by Shinji Mikami, has been instrumental in the introduction and development of the survival horror genre. But in Resident Evil 6, its sixth installment, many action features have been incorporated in addition to the already present dramatic horror elements.

The Resident Evil games’ storylines have always had a powerful element of horror generated by bioterrorist activity that infects the entire population of cities with deadly viruses. In Resident Evil 6 however Capcom has gone one step further in generating horror in the minds of players by an even more nasty resurgence in bioterrorist attacks that infects and mutates Adam Benford, the very President of the United States. Following this, the President’s closest confidante, Leon Kennedy is forced to confront him and ultimately, shoot him out of self defense. The entire world’s future seems to be bleak as the outbreak starts to spread far and wide, including China.

Can Resident Evil 6 Raise the Franchise from the Dead
Can Resident Evil 6 Raise the Franchise from the Dead?

Resident Evil 6 allows players to opt for any one of the three scenarios available that have connected storylines. While in Resident Evil 4 you played as Leon Kennedy and in Resident Evil 5 as Captain Chris Redfield, in this part you can play as either of the two. You can also choose to assume a third identity as a mercenary who can donate his blood as it happens to be an antidote to the virus.

Like the previous Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 6 also lets the player characters have their own partners. But this time around, in addition to the enemy Zombies, players will have a new adversary in the form of the newly introduced J’avo. The J’avo are more potent foes as they can interact with one another and plan attacks and even use weapons. They also have the ability to heal themselves. But thankfully an exciting new aspect of the game allows players to shoot even as they move around an area, something that the earlier games did not have.

Resident Evil 6 features Monster Hunter-style four-player co-op fights
Resident Evil 6 features Monster Hunter-style four-player co-op fights

After Revelations and Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil 6 is the third game released by this franchise this year. From the highly impressive trailers released so far, it can be safely assumed that in addition to the new explosive, action-packed gameplay the game also gives a fair share to the typical eerie silence and dreadful tension that mark the Resident Evil games as different from the rest. The enemies look and feel much more dangerous and there is a lot of close combat action captured with awesome cinematic angles. And the fact that Resident Evil 6 delivers all that while staying true to its classic horror style is sure to delight its fans.


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