Bungie not attending on E3 2012

Don’t expect that their rumored game that Bungie is making with Activision nicknamed “Destiny” will be announced on the upcoming E3 expo.

Bungie clearly said in their blog that they wont going to show off a new video game in the upcoming event E3. It was clearly stated on one part of their Mail Sack blog that Bungie even didn’t made a single presentation to show off to the public on the said expo. And stating that they wont going to E3, but some of them are, only to look at other game booths in the expo.

Don’t believe me? Here is the quoted post that is part of the said blog,

Old Papa Rich Have you guys finished your new game presentation for E3?

Nope. We never started one, and we’re not going to be at E3 in any official capacity this year. Some of us will be there, lurking from booth to booth, but don’t expect any announcements.

So, for those who saw my previous Bungie-related blog post that is all about their rumored game “Destiny” you may ask yourself, “Is the reason why Bungie won’t going to show up on E3 is because of Activision themselves?”

What’s your take on Bungie not going on E3? (techincally some of them are going, but only to look at other games)


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