Introducing Big Fish Games Unlimited


Big Fish Games announced its latest innovation in gaming during a keynote address at the 2012 Casual Connect conference held in July, at last unveiling the company’s vision for cloud-connected gaming.

Though Big Fish has previously offered captivating gaming options to customers via PC- and mobile device-based downloads, the Big Fish Unlimited service offers the ability to stream more than 100 unique games through PCs, mobile platforms and – a new Big Fish offering – Internet-enabled televisions using Roku streaming devices.

Roku, the first company to revolutionize the way televisions interacted with the Internet, aggregates subscription-based online networks like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBOGo and Big Fish Unlimited in one small, easy-to-use box and remote control combo. The streaming player, upon being linked to a Wi-Fi connection, can download the service like it would an app, providing content not through downloaded content, but content streamed through a cloud storage system that saves game data and progress regardless of what device you last left off on.

“Customers are increasingly adopting connected devices, and they expect games to be instantly accessible and playable across those devices. This marks the first time that customers can choose where to play, because our service is powered by the cloud and game progress will follow customers from device to device,” said Will O’Brien, vice president and general manager of cloud gaming at Big Fish Games. “The game play mechanics of our catalog of casual titles are ideally suited to this new delivery technology; anyone with a typical broadband Internet connection will be able to use this service.”

 Big Fish Games Unlimited

Further expanding its audience, Big Fish Unlimited is also now accessible from Android devices and specially designed for the Nexus 7 tablet, being run through Google Play and allowing users to make cloud-stored playlists of their games.

Big Fish Unlimited continues the service’s tradition of providing quality casual games, with featured titles like “The Lost Kingdom Prophecy,” “Grim Tales: The Bridge,” “Macabre Mysteries: Curse of the Nightingale” and “Island Tribe 2” – all able to be played through a stream. The system, since its launch, has continued to update with new game releases roughly twice per week, ranging from hidden object to time management titles.

The newly-launched service can be accessed with a monthly fee of $7.99 for a Big Fish Unlimited premium catalog, with non-subscribers gaining free access to as many as 20 games that support in-game advertising as a means of trial.

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