Battlefield 4 Producer: “We Were Stupid” to Believe PC Gaming Was Dying; “Has Never Been Stronger”

Battlefield 4 Lead Producer Patrick Bach is preparing for the launch of the game across many platforms, and for a new generation of consoles. Yet when he looks back to a few years ago, he sees the error in the ways of many that abandoned or neglected PC development to focus on consoles, thinking gaming on PC was dying. He also feels that PC gaming has never been stronger, as he mentioned in an interview on GamesIndustry International.

Just look at the example of the PC business a few years ago, everyone was saying it was dying and we were stupid to lead development with it, but at the same time Steam was rising. Now, PC gaming has never been stronger – partly because it’s so much more than traditional PC gaming, which you could argue has moved onto console. PC gaming is more indie than ever, more experimental than ever. It’s also more blockbustery than it ever was – there are some really big games on the PC. You can also see the hardware manufacturers really pushing the bar on PC when it comes to everything from CPU to memory. You can argue the same thing here: it’s not a question of if they move over, it’s when they move over.

The new consoles are really powerful. I love playing on console and PC, but when I pick up a controller on one of the new consoles, it’s much closer to PC, but on a big screen, on my sofa with a controller. That’s big.

I have to agree with Bach here: I don’t like calling people stupid, but believing that PC gaming was on its deathbed wasn’t and isn’t too smart. With a lot of games that definitely look better on PC, more and more exclusives popping up, Valve’s Steam, and projects like Star Citizen that gather several million dollars in crowd funding despite being only on PC, PC gaming has never been more lively.

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