Batman Suits Up Again on the Wii U in Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City Armored Edition

Rocksteady games released Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009 and they did not just create a fantastic Batman video game or a great super hero game, instead, what they created was one of the best 3rd person action and adventure games of this console generation. With how great Arkham Asylum was gamers were eagerly waiting to see just what Rocksteady would have in store for us next. Well the answer to that was Arkham City and it expanded on Arkham Asylum in every way imaginable.

Before we get into the preview, I have an official trailer for the game which I would like to show you to give you a better idea of what it is about, here is the official trailer:


The best way to describe these two games is as story driven masterpieces. No one in movies, TV or video games has managed to capture Batman as perfectly as Rocksteady did. People are always quick to praise Heath Ledgers portrayal as The Joker, but for many long time Batman fans Mark Hamill is much closer to the way the Joker is in the comic books. Fans went crazy for Arkham City. And they are equally as excited of the next game in the series to be released in 2013 which is based on the golden age of the DC Universe.

Before then however we have Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition an enhanced port that will be released exclusively for the new Nintendo Wii U console that is to be released this November. Rocksteady have not said for sure if the game will be ready in time for the launch of the Wii U, but it will be out in time for the holidays. So the big question is just what little treats does this Armoured Edition have for us? Well it turns out this is a very ambitious port and not just a lazy port in order to make a quick buck.

From a story point of view the game is exactly the same. Not that is a bad thing really as the story was very strong. The game does however include the bonus chapter Harley Quinn’s Revenge which was available to Playstation and Xbox owners as DLC. Actually all the games DLC will be included on the Armoured Edition disc making this the ultimate Batman Arkham City experience.

Batman Arkham City Armored Edition

The big question that many people have is what changes have been made to make this game a worthwhile purchase. Well surprisingly there is a great deal of game play enhancements that have been made. Batman and Catwoman can now deal even more damage to Penguin, Two Face and Jokers thugs than ever before and they have there fancy new suits to thank for this.

A new mode is incorporated called B.A.T mode. What this does is as you are dealing a beat down to some thugs a energy meter will be filling up. When you get enough energy you can unleash it in a truly devastating mater. You can now produce more powerful attacks and put together combos easier.

The Wii U’s big selling point is of course the touch screen controller known as the Game Pad. Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition is going to make full use of the Game Pad and perhaps be one of the best games to do so in this first generation of Wii U games.

Every single one of Batman and Catwoman’s gadgets will now be used via the touch screen on the Game Pad. This really makes it a great game play experience worth while while even if you have played the Xbox or Playstation version of the game. In addition to the touch screen controls some gadgets will also be making use of the Game Pad’s gyroscope controls. Learning all over again how to use Batman and Catwoman’s gadgets is going to be a great deal of fun.

Rocksteady are keeping the exact functionality of some of the gadgets secret for now, but we do know that we can control the remote Batarang via the gyroscope. And in addition to this you just need to tap the touch screen to select whatever gadget you need for the job at hand. 


The story is one of the best things about Arkham City and thanks to the Game Pad the game is more immersive than it was on the console. There is no need to pause to check the map. Or awkwardly fumble with the dpad to select a weapon everything is handled on the Game Pad.

Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition is looking like it could be one of the best Wii U games this holiday season. Even for people who have played through the game before on the Playstation or Xbox will find this a ton of fun.

Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition is going to be available exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U this holiday season. If you’re getting a Wii U make sure Santa knows this is on your list as well.

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