Angry Birds Space: A trip into the final frontier

The original Angry Birds games had me playing in class, and while I’m driving, the graphics were good on the old ones; so was everything else. But then, with the announcement of Angry Birds Space, and its new physics, I was quite excited.  It was fun knocking down those pigs’ defenses, and playing all the wacky levels. Angry Birds Space started off in space, with brand new bird powers. The red bird (the most iconic, in my opinion) was the same cannonball type, but the gravity impressed me! I didn’t get how to use it at first, I didn’t even know it was there. So I fired my first bird towards the pigs, then out of nowhere my bird started flying around the little rock the pig was on, around and around until finally it hit the structure…

…but then the pig, which I expected to float, was dragged to the planet by force, killing it! The pieces of debris are really helpful in finishing off the last pigs, as they too are affected by the gravity.  That made a great first impression. As always I scored 3 stars on the first couple levels,  until right about 4 or 5 levels later I gained a new bird, the classic 1-bird-then-3. Of course this time the gravity played a major role. I fired my bird and clicked again; it popped and shot out 3 little birds. 2 hit the structure, killing 2 of the pigs, and 1 flew around the mini planet and hit the remaining bird in the eye! Also, the eagle bird is a little different on this one. You get 3 space eagles of some sorts, and when you fire them, in the place where they landed a wormhole pops up and out goes an eagle, but it will only kill the pigs in its perimeter, it’ll just displace the others.  And at the end of every level series there was this pig in a UFO; only explosive birds work on him.

Look at that.

There’s not much of a storyline on Angry Birds, but the cut-scenes explain a lot. It’s pretty much the same as the other Angry Birds, but this time the pigs run into what seems to be a wormhole, taking the eggs. The birds jump in, gaining powers as they go through, which help them get their eggs back from the pigs. I did laugh a bit at the cut-scenes, as they we’re pretty funny. But I think it needs a bit more of a storyline…or maybe a comic book series? Hint, hint.

With it only being $0.99, a lot of people bought it. The first 2 level series are few, Pig Bang, and Cold Cuts are free and come with 30 levels each, but then Danger Zone being another $0.99 really drove me away from playing for a couple days. I mean, come on! You want me to pay $0.99 for 30 more levels when I already paid for it? The space eagles are pricy too. 20 of them cost $0.99, but for 980 its $20.00! Who will buy 980 space eagles? I’m pretty sure there aren’t that many levels in the game.

The graphics were much like the old games, except with quite a few improvements; there were decent explosions, and the ice looked great! The background was very well done; it kept me entertained while grinding through some of the hard levels.

I think this was a great game. The physics intrigued me;, the gravity was just amazing. The gameplay was very nice too! I love the new, wacky levels. This game was made really well and the only downside was that I had to purchase one level series.


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