Amnesia: The Dark Descent (I wish I had amnesia after playing this!)

Amnesia The Dark Descent

Wow. In a word, just wow. How on earth can one game make you quiver and shake as though you were about to finally meet your maker? Since the day Silent Hill reared its magnificent, finely chiseled, toned case, I have yearned for a game that will drive me to play it but make me hate it at the same time. I hated Silent Hill for all the times it made me press pause to take a moment to unclench my ass and remember that it was only a game. Amnesia does exactly the same thing, but makes playing in the dark even more tempting, just to prove you can play it and not get completely freaked out.

Yeah, well, I failed on that one.

As I mention in my video (playing through a very short part of Amnesia), it is terrifyingly addictive and the worst/best part is that Amnesia draws you into it. You get so involved in what you’re doing that you jump out of your skin when something sneaks up on you, or runs at you. It’s what makes survival horror games so enjoyable to play, along with their plots. Silent Hill was ground breaking compared to Resident Evil, though with Amnesia you have no weapons to defend yourself. You are a big fleshy pod of fear running for your life.

Amnesia feeds upon your fear. It senses when you are most afraid and then BAM! OK, maybe I’m giving the game too much credit, but I felt like I’d reverted back to being a small child, afraid of the dark. That sort of primal fear is incredibly hard to tap into, but Amnesia seems to be able to slowly lull you into a sense of security before ripping you away from it. To play this game and not be scared at any one point you obviously have no fear, you must be a robot!

The pros of Amnesia outweigh the minor cons such as the amount of puzzles you need to figure out (this is coming from someone who isn’t keen on a lot of puzzles in games but likes the Saw titles). Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one for your download list, period; go and try it so I can watch you on YouTube whimpering like a lost puppy.


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