5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop for Gaming

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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop for Gaming

Gaming laptops are some of the fastest portable computers in the world, and this is because of the unique demands that gaming imposes on a computer. Today’s games require more power than ever to run, and the laptop industry is making leaps and bounds to keep up with the demand. Be sure to consider these 5 important things when you go shopping for a gaming laptop.

  1. Screen Size and Resolution
    There are many things that are important to a good laptop gaming experience, but your screen can really make or break a computer in this regard. Unlike a traditional desktop, you can’t simply buy a new monitor when you want a better display. Large screens are recommended, and look for one with high resolution as well. LED displays are considered the best in terms of image quality. Try to find a way to see a laptop’s display in action before committing to buy.
  2. Comfortable Keyboard
    You’re going to be spending a lot of time using the keyboard on your laptop for basic gaming input, so it should be one that you feel comfortable using. Look for a keyboard that is a comfortable size for you. This, unfortunately, is entirely subjective, so there is no single best choice. You don’t want to find yourself struggling to adapt to an uncomfortable keyboard. Try out several keyboards and see what works best for you.
  3. Lots of Memory
    Gaming is a very high intensity activity for your computer, and it needs a lot of memory to run efficiently. It is recommended to have at least 6GB of RAM on any gaming computer, and many have the option to upgrade to as much as 16GB. More RAM allows your computer to load information quicker, which is especially important for today’s fast paced games. You really can’t have too much memory, so look for a laptop with plenty of RAM, as well as the option to upgrade in the future.
  4. Graphics Card
    Games have come a longway in a relatively short period of time. The games of the past featured simple two-dimensional graphics and lots of text, whereas today we have fully rendered lush 3-D environments in which to play. Graphics processing requires a lot of work on your computer’s part, so look for a high end graphics card in any gaming laptop you may be considering. Top of the line offerings from NVIDIA like the GeForce series are regarded as some of the best. They will keep your graphics running fast, smooth, and fully detailed so that you can get the most out of your gaming experience.
  5. Processing Power
    If there is one thing to look for in a gaming laptop above all, it should be the CPU. The central processing unit is your computer’s brain, and it has a hugely significant effect on how well the computer runs. You can get by without a GLC -T transceiver, but a state of the art CPU like Intel’s Core I7 is essential. Don’t skimp on processing power, or you’ll never be able to get the full gaming experience.


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