5 Must Haves For Marathon FPS Gaming Sessions

Gaming Marathon

In the busy modern world it can be difficult for many of us to find a block of time to have a decent FPS gaming session – especially for the older gamers, who have work and family commitments.  However, every now and then we get a decent block of time when we have the houses to ourselves and nothing to do.  Finally, we have the chance to enjoy 5+ hours uninterrupted gaming.  But what bits and pieces do you need before you start on your marathon FPS gaming session?

Snacks and drinks

snacks and drinks

Reflexes are everything when playing an FPS and you can be sure that yours will start to suffer as the body becomes tired.  It is always a good idea to take a few breaks throughout your gaming session to give your eyes and brain a rest.  In addition, eating the right foods and drinking the right drinks will also help you keep your wits about you.  Anything that is high in sugar will give you short term boosts and energy drinks are an obvious choice.  If you prefer to avoid consuming such foods then healthier alternatives include:

  • Wholegrain food such as bran give slow and sustained energy releases
  • Fish is known as a ‘brain food’ and will enable you to think with better clarity
  • Fruit rich in vitamin C, such as blackberries and blueberries help maintain mental agility
  • Nuts are both good for energy and improving memory

Eating a mixture of these foods before you start gaming and during the session should ensure that you don’t start making stupid mistakes and hopefully push up your KTDR.

Appropriate seating

Appropriate seating

If you are going to be playing on your console for a good few hours then it is important to be sat in complete comfort, whether you are laid out on a settee or sat in your favourite armchair.  Sitting or lying in the same position for an extended period of time can result in strains.  So be sure to properly support your back and neck areas with cushions.  It is also a good idea to stand up between games and have a stretch and a walkabout to get the blood flowing through your limbs.

Ergonomic gaming pad

A common complaint for gamers is that long sessions can often lead to pain in their hands.  Obviously is preferable to avoid arthritis in later life and if you find that you suffer from pain in your hands then you should consider an ergonomic pad, with many 3rd party providers offering such products.  These controllers are specially designed so that the user can hold them in a more comfortable position, with some making use of rubberized handles and thumbsticks to reduce the chances of slipping.

HDMI cable

It is surprising just how many PS3 and Xbox 360 owners have not invested in an HDMI cable.  If you have got a HD TV then buying an HDMI cable is a must and can be secured for well under £10/$13.  Not only will the cable provide you with a clearer picture so that you can better spot enemies; not having to strain will mean that your eyes will stay clearer for longer.

The right headset

Our final suggestion is a headset that is designed for FPS gaming.  This should include crystal clear stereo sound and can style ear cups so that you can recognise where every sound on the battlefield is coming from.  One problem with poorly designed headsets is that they can become uncomfortable when you have been wearing them for a few hours.  To avoid such discomfort look for headsets that utilise breathable micro-fibre ear cups, which such reduce the soreness of your ears.  It is also wise to look for a lightweight headset to reduce the strain on your neck muscles.


Article is provided by Gioteck – providers of a range of console accessories, from PS3 controllers to multi-format gaming chairs.

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