5 Biggest OMG Moments in Video Game History

5 Biggest OMG Moments in Video Game History

Have you ever had an experience playing a video game that shocked you to the core that you even thought about it months or even years you stopped playing it? Those are OMG moments and they don’t come around very often. Even the greatest games of all time — from Civilization series to Zelda’s Ocarina of Time– often lack the jaw-dropping moments that make gaming so great. Here are the 5 most earth shattering OMG moments ever to appear in video games.

Metal Gear Solid Heartbeat Controller Scene

It’s not often that a video game has you looking around the room to see if anyone else is seeing what you’re seeing. But it’s a moment that anyone that’s played the PlayStation classic Metal Gear Solid will understand. After a long series of dialogue with Kenneth, your controller starts to beat like a heart. It goes faster and faster until suddenly it stops. It’s one of the first times in video game history that the sense of touch was incorporated into a game.

Aeris Murder in FF VII

Final Fantasy

Another PlayStation moment that will go down in video game history: the sudden death of Aeris towards the end of the epic Final Fantasy VII. While Sephiroth was already a hated character at this point in the story, his heartless stabbing of Aeris made most gamer’s blood boil. If you read video game forums you’ll find hardcore gamers to this day admitting that this shocking gaming scene brought tears to their eyes.

Entering the Wasteland in Fallout 3

Fast forward to modern times and you have an unforgettable moments from arguably the best game to come out in 2010: fallout 3. After spending the first hour of the game in Vault 51, you finally get free after a chaotic and confusing scene. Upon leaving the vault you first lay eyes on the wasteland, which is a 360 degree panorama of holy crap! A moment that gives gamers chills every time.

Metroid is a…Girl?

More than a decade before Lara Croft became the vixen of gaming, Metroid shocked boys everywhere with a gender revealing moment after the original Metroid for NES. After beating the final boss, Samus takes off her helmet to reveal a long haired women. The reaction from gamers was decidedly mixed, but no doubt helped pave the way for future video game heroins.

Bioshock Ending

Bioshock was a breath of fresh air to the gaming industry…until that breath was taken away from us by a bizarre and shocking ending that brought on a mass of conflicting emotions. Towards the end of Bioshock you’re amazed to hear that you’re actually brainwashed and have been working against yourself (which includes a deadly plane crash) the entire game.

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