007 Nightfire

Ah the memories. Truly this game is one of the most average games I’ve ever seen, but it really is fun. Surprisingly almost, Nightfire seems like nothing special on the surface. The graphics are average, the audio is average, but the gameplay is fun and the story is nothing if not a true Bond experience.

You can blow past this game in an afternoon and that’s a reason to give it a try if you’re skeptical. But rest assured it’s a solid game. There are Bond moves that you can pull off and it usually takes plenty of playthroughs to perform them all. The rewards for doing this is nothing special, but it could have been. If the online scene was back then how it is today, the multiplayer would be a lot of fun. That’s coming from a mainly single player gamer mind. In fact most James Bond games had decent multiplayer, but the audience and technology just wasn’t there yet. And being a friendless shut-in like yours truly, split-screen just didn’t work.

No! I get to sleep with Bond tonite! No I get to! Women, women, you can BOTH sleep with me tonite!

The missions are routine, go there, shoot that, in fact it’s pretty much like the PC shooters from the early 2000’s. There was actually a PC port but we shall never ever talk about it. Suffice it to say it was a completely different game and did not stand up to its console counterparts. Anyways, you have your normal shoot ’em up missions, and your vehicle missions, sometimes with you

Vents suck for reception unless you're looking to call a security code

driving and other times shooting from the back. There is an assortment of guns to use, although you can kill everyone with a pistol if you’re good enough. (Yeah I blew A LOT of time on this)Plus Q has outfitted you with some freakin’ sweet super spy gadgets like a laser watch and key chain stunner. Truly one for the books Q!

If you promise to look after it Q will even hook you up with an Aston Martin V-12 Vanquish, which is a big deal if you’re into cars like I am. Under the headlights are twin rocket lawnchairs, and behind the grill are two machine guns. Oh yes Q, I’ll take care of this baby, now watch me jump two bridges and submerge the damn thing deep in the ocean. I’ll fill the tank for ya!

To be fair, you did design that function...

The controls are a little odd to get used to at first, and while it gives you the option to choose from many different configurations, none of them get it completely right as stated by the Holy Handbook of First-person Shooters. X must always be jump, square always reload, and R1 should be nothing but fire. Funny how it gives you so many choices but doesn’t let you sort it out yourself.

There’s nothing too special about this game besides the opening theme song and sexy voice of Pierce Bronsnan seducing pretty women and making wise-cracks. The gameplay is fun, but forgettable. The missions are linear and simple, and the game is pretty short to boot. But then again, I could say the same thing about Timesplitters 2 and we all loved that game….you didn’t? GTFO.


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