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  • The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine To Feature Over 90 Quests, Dynamic System And New Mutations Detailed

    The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine

    The Numbers:
    • 30+ hour adventure.
    • Over 90 new quests.
    • Over 40 new points of interest.
    • Dynamic points of interest system. Killing bandits in their main hideout will affect the number of enemies in surrounding camps.
    • 14000 lines of dialogue (Hearts of Stone had 6000).
    • 100 individual pieces of armour (including new Witcher sets).
    • More than 20 new monsters. Continue reading

  • ‘Hitman’ – Episode 2: Sapienza Review

    Hitman – Episode 2 Sapienza review

    Hitman’s second episode improves on many of the technical issues that plagued the debut installment, while also providing a fun new level that is full of unique locations and interesting assassination opportunities. Unfortunately despite improving in some areas, Hitman’s second episode still suffers from problems that were introduced in the debut chapter. Continue reading

  • The Park Review

    The British author Jonathan Nolan said “In terms of long-term durable storage, the human mind, paradoxically, is pretty good, but it’s very fragile.” For Lorraine, the protagonist you play as, hers might as well be made of glass. The Park is a unique horror game with some inconsistent themes, but manages to maintain interest throughout its short playtime. Continue reading

  • Game of Thrones: A Nest of Vipers

    As always, while we won’t spoil this episode of Game of Thrones we will be mentioning plot details to date. If you haven’t played previous episodes you’d do well to give them a shot or brace for spoilers. You have been warned! Continue reading

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