As always, while we won’t spoil this episode of Game of Thrones we will be mentioning plot details to date. If you haven’t played previous episodes you’d do well to give them a shot or brace for spoilers. You have been warned! [click to continue…]

Upon starting Cradle, players will find themselves in a circular enclosed hut filled with many, many things, and all objects confined within have something to tell you. The door of this structure opens out onto a vast landscape, but leaving immediately would be a mistake. The first 30 minutes of my playtime with the game was spent inside these confining walls, and I feel anyone that decides to play it should do the same. Players that relish in both finding and delving into huge info dumps – even if they sometimes will spout meaningless exposition – will be the people who end up getting the best out of what Cradle offers. [click to continue…]

Codemasters has the licence to one of the most, if not the most, coveted racing series in the world – F1. They have held that licence for several years and it is one that throws a big spotlight on their games. F1 fans are passionate and with such passion comes a heightened degree of expectations. Against these expectations, Codemasters have had to deliver a game on an annual basis that cannot just meet the most zealous fan’s desires for the ultimate F1 racing game but must be accessible to the less hardcore, general players. If one goes into these games with that in mind, it is a good tempering exercise for expectations.

The pressure to deliver a new iteration of a game every year that incorporates all the latest technological changes that are introduced every year in F1 is a tough task. This year that goal was made doubly difficult with the new generation of video game consoles. New complexities can arise in delivering a game but the fixed delivery date remains immutable. The end result is something has to give and in this year’s edition, Codemasters scaled back on some of the features that fans have come to expect. If there sounds like a familiar scenario to you – thinking EA’s release of their NHL 2015 game here – then you are on the right track. How annoying or disappointing those missed features are, will vary from player to player. F1 2015 comes with a reduced suite of options but not to the same degree as other sport franchises. [click to continue…]

“…you can tell straight away that this is going to be a good one…”

Joint Venture is the kind of DLC that Tropico fans will really have fun playing. Once again, it offers a new mission, new unique building, a hat, a map and a soundtrack. And what is the focus this time round? Fast food. Yep, you can tell straight away that this is going to be a good one, and without spoiling the rest of this review too much, let me tell you that it really is! [click to continue…]


Sometimes, when you review a game after all the other reviews came out, you wonder whether or not you got sent a completely different version of the game. As I type, the ad for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor comes up with IGN, Polygon and Joystiq saying the game is amazing, and in the case of Joystiq, revolutionary. [click to continue…]